Friday, April 15, 2011

Eric's Pofahl Tandem Teaser

Eric has been working with us for a while to aid in the design and build of a new tandem for he and his wife.  They are long time tandem riders, and have a 30 plus year old Santana tandem that has served them well.  Tandems are what local builder Mike Pofahl really enjoys building.  He has built some really gorgeous tandems that I've personally seen, and I'd love to have one for Meg and I some day.

Eric's bike will be a modern touring tandem.  It will have clearance for 700 x 50c tires with mud room, and will have just about every braze on imaginable for versatility.  There will be many details that will really shine on this bike.  I can't wait to get it built and ready to go.

Mike has all of the major work done on the frame and fork.  I have the frameset here at the shop to set up with the wheels to fit Eric and Margit for custom stems to match the bike as well. Here's a teaser shot until the bike is ready.  It's going to be a stunner.  Man I love fillet brazing!

Happy Friday all.


Guitar Ted said...

Truly stunning. I love that squashed lateral tube. Some day it'd be cool to use one of those and make a Mountain Goat-type Deluxe 29"er.

Mike is an awesome talent, no doubt about it.

Ben said...

They oval tubing is really classy. It's not the only one on their either!

This bike is going to be totally amazing. I'm sure you'll love it.

James Fisher said...

Mike is truly an asset to the local community. Between Ben, Mike and Eric this is going to be one fantastic bike. I can hardly wait to see it completed and it isn't even my bike!