Thursday, April 07, 2011

Custom Wheel Build, Matt's 26" Stan's 355 Race Wheels

Matt got a hold of us a few weeks ago looking for a bang for the buck, go fast race wheel set.  He races in a lot of local mtb races, and was interested in something a little more specialized than his current Mavic Crossrocs.  We settled on using a pair of DT's new 370 hubs as the starting point for these wheels.  The 370's are DT's new mid range hubs.  They feature a rebuild able 2 pawl clutch mechanism, and proven DT quality cartridge bearings.  They roll increadably smooth, and should last a very long time. 

The 370's are heavier than the 340 or 240 series due in large part to a steel axle and free hub body. I don't regard this weight increase as an all bad thing.  I'd love to see a steel free hub body option for the 240's for instance.  This would combat the ubiquitous marring that light alloy free hub bodies receive from steel cassettes.

For Matt's wheels we chose to use Sapim Lazer spokes, and locking alloy nipples.  In the 26" lengths these spokes provide plenty of strength for what Matt's intended uses are.  They are quite light, and yet pair to Stan's 355 tubeless rims they will be easily stiff enough for his riding style and weight.

To match the wheel's intended use, we set up a pair of Schwalbe Rocket Ron TLR tires in 2.25" size.  THese are not cheap, but are very impressive.  They are very light at under 460gms, and yet have real knobs and a real world casing size.  They are reported to roll very well, and should match the dry, hard pack conditions commonly found at Buck Hill and Murphy-Hanrehan.

For under $500 these wheels offer a lot of dependable performance for the money spent.  The tires are a premium set of rubber that shouldn't disappoint.  All round, these are going to be a killer upgrade that should serve Matt well for years.

Happy Thursday all.


Anonymous said...

Nice wheels! What's the combined weight for both wheels?

Ben said...

Weight for the pair was just over 1600 gms. Of that, the hubs weigh about 600gms. The set with tires, tape and valves, and sealant weigh 2725gms. Not bad at all considering these are still what I would call real mountain bike tires.

James Fisher said...

These wheels are even nicer in real time. Thanks for steering me towards the 370's for my Troll build.