Friday, April 01, 2011

2011 Salsa Fargo, Fun Guy Green Addition!

Do like Fargos?  New 2011 Fargos?  How about older Fun Guy Green Fargos?  How would you like to have a new 2011 Fargo, but in Fun Guy Green?

I really like the new geometry of the Fargos.  I think it's a more relevant, more versatile, and more suited to the mixed use riding I usually do.  While I like the new color a lot, there'll always be a sweet spot in my heart for Fun Guy Green, I know I'm not alone there.

Well the Salsa has recently announced a new color for the 2011 Fargo frame sets, Fun Guy Green!  I am very excited to have a matched pair of FFG Fargos in my stable.  These are available only as frame sets, and are in stock in all sizes.  We will be getting a Medium and a Large frame set in to the shop for stock on Tuesday.  Other sizes are available for order.  These sell for $600 just like the bone colored Fargos.  They will have appropriately colored green panels like the 2011 model.

Let us know if you'd like one, (or heck two!) of these fine frame sets.

So to wrap up, if you'd like one of these,

that looks like this,

(Photo credit to Colin Monty.)

give us a call and get your frame coming today!


Doug Idaho said...

GAH! the cream is ok but FGG is where it's at.....darn it all!

Steve Fuller said...

Is the lettering on the panels in red or gray?

Ben said...

Steve I really don't know, I've not seen a photo of the new frame sets yet, and none exist that I know of. I'll have full photos when the frames arrive on Tuesday.

Wally said...

Figures....after I buy my new Fargo. But the newer color really is pretty cool. I think I'll keep it.

FTMN said...

Looks like the graphics are grey.

Here is a pic from mtbr:

Wally said...

Thats a link to a picture in the QBP catalog of the "Fargo XT" which i snot going to be offered but it shows the color and graphic.

Ben said...

Edited above with the most current photo I've seen of the new color. Frames will arrive on Tuesday, I'll have full specs and photos then.

As I said, this one is only available in a frame set, not in the complete as of now.


bmike said...

Wondering if all you folks who've ridden the FGG original and the new frame can comment on the differences. I've got a general 'meh' from GT and others, a few folks like the changes...

Ben said...

I think many people will find the new bike to their liking. It is more of a drop bar mountain bike, whereas the original Fargo is a straight up touring bike. I'll certainly have more detailed write ups as soon as mine is built and I have miles on it. Contrary to Guitar Ted's assessment, I think the new bike will be more versatile than the older bike. I'll quantify that when I write my big post about it.

My quick two cents is that the new bike will not be as stable as the old. It will be quicker handling offroad, but will lack the all day cruiser feel of the old bike. As a straight out seated tourer, the old bike wins. As an out of the saddle, drop bar go fast bike, the new bike wins. Both are good, but they are so wildly different that I think they could be called separate models even in name. The new one differs from the old in almost every aspect it can. Depending on where you fall in there you'll love the new bike or hate it. I think a guy could easily make the case for owning both.

More on that all later. My frame and most of the parts will be in tomorrow and this week. I'll have write ups to follow their arrival.

bmike said...

thanks ben.
been riding a size M of the old bike. haven't been on it more than 10-20 miles at a time, and haven't yet been able to hit some of my normal dirt routes. on gravel / rail trail / and flat single track, the old model seems solid, capable, and all day road worthy. definitely has that 'touring' feel to it. almost reminds me of my old trek 520 but on steroids. solid, plodding (not in a bad way) - but very deliberate. very different than the bike that i normally ride on dirt - a club racer from indy fab with skinny tires (28s or 30s). quick, agile, responds to power when climbing.

i can't say that i like the gen 1 on single track. part of this is setup - i can't stand the bar ends for hike a bike or for twisty stuff. keep hitting my knees, quads, etc. the other part is snap - the bike i have borrowed, while capable on trails less than two track and buffed out - seems pretty slow handling, no snap to it on the steering side, and definitely no snap on the get up and go side. here, plodding is not really a good thing.

i've got a liteweight brevet / gravel / dirt / pave sport tourer (my IF with bags and 35s or 40s in it - no fenders) - so i don't think i need a vaya like bike (although i could replace the IF with a Ti Vaya and be able to run fat(ter) tires with fenders!) - and i don't think i want a straight up touring rig. want to be able to head out on pave / dirt and take whatever comes, including single track. ideally this is getting setup for a TD ride in 012 or more likely 013.

i'll check back for your review... when you post it - can you talk about sizing and your height / inseam / etc. i'd defintely be on a small in the old style. most likely a M on the new style...