Wednesday, March 09, 2011

What's in the stand: Woodchipper redo.

We took in a really classy older Lemond on Saturday.  It needed a lot of help.  The Shimano 600 STI shift/brake levers no longer function, and it was in bad need of a tune up.  It came with a stereotypical 90's bar and stem set up as well.  Deep, rounded drop bars paired with a low, long stem were too low and a bit to far away to be comfortable for our customer.

It's a lot better now.

Kenda 30c cyclocross tires this bike has been tasked from tarmac only to fast gravel rides.  The brakes clear the tires just fine, and there's ample room in the rear.  There is not much more room for anything bigger, but if the conditions are good these should suffice for local gravel.

To fit in with the new purpose of the bike, we fitted a shorter, slightly more up right stem paired with a 42c pair of Woodchippers.  New 8 speed Shimano bar end shifters will keep this bike working for years, and some color mismatched NOS Shimano 105 brake levers fit the classic look of the bike much better than the old brifter levers.  Fully new cables and new gel bar tape will make the bike function better and be more comfortable.

This is a great bike.  These repairs have breathed new life into it.  In it's current set up if shouldn't require much if any repair work for the foreseeable future. I love the classy lines on this bike.  It should perform very well for it's excited owner.


Myrna CG Mibus said...

Wow! I saw the "before" in person - what a wonderful transformation!!

Guitar Ted said...

I really like those older, steel LeMonds. Great geometry and the frames were nicely made. That you can fit tires that large is a bonus.

Great transformation and a nice "all rounder" now.

Ben said...

I've always loved the older Lemonds as well. This is really a great looking bike. Simple and classy. I'm a sucker for 1" threaded headtubes and quill stems as well. This stem isn't the most elegant, but it does the job nicely.

Wally said...

Nicely done Ben. Older Lemonds are indeed one of my favorites. We all seem to hold them in high regard.

I think its the lines of the bike and the overall "look" and this one looks really good. You do need to think about a before and after photo in these sorts of fix ups.