Friday, March 04, 2011

What's in the stand: Trek Carbon District.

I had the opportunity to build a rather unique bike for a guy this week, a Trek District Carbon.  This is basically a US built single speed Madone road bike.  It uses a set of eccentric rear dropouts with a split on the drive side for belt drive compatibility.


This bike comes stock from Trek as a drop bar, single speed, belt driven road bike.  Our customer wanted something a little different.  What's we've put together for them is just about the most kick butt single speed coffee shop bike I've ever built.  As pictured it sits right under 14 lbs, which feels much lighter than it really is.

FSA Energy cranks look really good with the "belt ring" and guard.  The aesthetic really works on the flowing, flat black frameset.

The most obvious change from the stock build is the bars.  FSA SL-K carbon flat bars were used to duplicate his Mtb position on this bike. They are a little straight for my tastes personally, but they look great on here.  Gorgeous Paul brake levers and Bontrager Speed Limit brakes handle stopping.

These brakes are light, work well, and match the bike aesthetically very well.

Wheels were the other major thing we changed for this build.  The stock wheels were replaced with a set of White Industry hubs on Hed rims.  These laced with ultra light DT Revolution spokes even in a traditional 32 hole pattern weigh over half a lb less than the stock wheels.  The hubs are of a hugely better quality.  This thing should roll forever on these wheels shod with Continental GP 4000 tires.

All in all this is a really sweet bike.  There are a few minor things I've change if it was my personal bike, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't want one of these.  This is a wonderfully put together bike that will be exactly what this customer wanted.  It's been a blast to put together, and should be a hell of a ripper for years to come.

Happy Friday all!


Wally said...

Doing builds like this is but one of the cool reasons for owning a bike shop. Of course this comes from a guy in the software industry but from outside the window, looking in, this stuff looks like fun!

FTMN said...

Could you post a pic of the rear dropouts?

James Fisher said...

This has got to be one of the sexiest single speeds out there.

professorj said...

The first bike you built for me (Karate Monkey) still makes me smile every time I ride it. This one is going to be my Sunday afternoon ride to the grocery store at the end of the Earth bike. (I am not making that up, you should see it) I can't wait. Thanks for all the guidance on each component. No one loves and builds bikes like you do.

Ben said...

Wally, I agree completely. Builds like this save guys like me from the doldrums of working on bike shaped objects and doing monotonous tuneups!

Jim, I heartily agree!

FTMN, I'll get on that, likely on our Facebook page.

Walt, it's been a pleasure to build this bike for you. I am glad that it has gone as you expected, and I truly think you'll love the bike. It's going to be a hell of a grocery getter!