Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Mukluk Completes Inbound

We will be receiving our Spring order of Salsa Mukluk bikes on Friday.  We'll have a 17" and a 19" bike in stock and ready for sale.  Other sizes are available on request.

Fat bikes are great fun to ride all year long.  From the beaches of Duluth, to the Minnesota river valley, there are all sorts of fun places these can go.  Stop and get your bike now and enjoy all the riding this summer.  You'll be set for snow once it does arrive, and you'll have seven months on the bike prior to that to get used to it.


Wally said...

Awesome bikes but I want a "Witt Cycle Fatbike by Profahl"
(Hope I didn't kill the last name!)

Ben said...

Close on the name, it's Pofahl. That can certainly be set up as well ;)

Jerry said...

in honor of the snow, I rode my mukluk to work today