Monday, March 07, 2011

Let the fun begin.

I am officially going to say that the 2011 season has begun.  With a few days of consistent warmer weather and bright sun, winter is showing signs of cracking.  We are supposed to get some larger amount of snow tomorrow, but I doubt it will stay around for any real length of time.  I can feel the change coming in the weather.  I'm sure I'm not the only one.   

There will always be the few of us for whom the season never truly ends with the coming of snow.  Pick your winter activity, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, biking or running.  There are those people who are not ready to be driven indoors just because of little things such as black ice, huge wind chills, or snowy streets and sidewalks.  If we are honest with ourselves though, we are an overwhelmingly small minority.  The vast majority of people out there are content to ride out winter as we as a society always have, grudgingly.

This winter has been particularly harsh.  Save for a few weeks, it's been pretty warm actually.  This year it's the snow that has people beat.  People are sick and tired of shoveling, waiting a week, and shoveling again.  It's been nearly constant that every 7-10 days this winter we've gotten enough snow to have to suit up and deal with.  To say that local people are sick of snow is probably a bit too understated.  It's time to think happy thoughts about warm rain, cut grass, spring flowers and the first ride on clean roads and dirt paths. The coming of Spring this time of yearis evident more so in the mindset of people than in the actual weather.

I've noticed that change in a lot of people.  More people are coming in the shop.  Repairs have started coming in in force.  People have started thinking about bikes.  Once covered in scarves, on the street you're likely to see faces you may have not seen since October.  The change is needed, it's palpable, and it's not far off now. 

Despite the wonderful winter we've had on snowmobile trails and in the woods I'm ready.  It's time for Spring to be here.  I've made my mind up that it's here.  I'm changing my attidude and plan looking forward.  It's time to tune up the bikes that have long since laid dormant in the basement.  It's time to take inventory of the spring riding gear and fill in where needed.  It's time to start calling friends and planning rides.  I'm ready.

Welcome to Spring my firends.  Let's welcome its coming and get out there and ride!


TGooz said...

Here-here!!! I second, third and fourth that sentiment. I'm ready for spring BIG TIME!
Just have to get one little marathon out of the way, early this time, and I'll be out on the roads on two wheels. I'll probably out on two wheels regardless of my running schedule..gotta cross train ya know.

James Fisher said...

Hope we all are right, this has to be the last of the snow storms, anxious to get the studs off the Dummy and get the Troll built, I am tired of bundling up overtime I wanna go for a ride

Guitar Ted said...

Sending warm thoughts northward. If we can manage to miss this snow, I may be able to hit some single track next week.

Can't wait!

Wally said...

Oh yeah. I'm ready...and have been! Let's do it!