Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Surly Cross Check: Small Blue Style

To compliment our stock black 54cm Surly Cross Check, we ordered in one of Surly's finest in a 46cm Robin's Egg Blue color.  This bike flat out rocks.

Cross Checks in general are awesome bikes.  They are one of the most versatile bikes we sell.  Set this bike up with rear rack and you can get groceries or trip it into work.  Full rack mounts make this bike a lively, light duty touring capable steed.  You can throw a set of road tires on it and grind out a century or two in comfort.  Studded tires make this a near perfect winter bomber.  These will fit up to 1.8" mtb tires allowing for light single track use as well.  As they come stock they are one of the best out of the box gravel bikes for the money I know of. I love Cross Checks.

This is the new Robin's Egg Blue color for 2011.  It's lighter than it appears on Surly's website, and has a very slight green hint too it.  It's almost toothpaste blue.  I really like it a lot.  If I had to pick I'd take this over the black, but that's just me.

Cross Check completes are a wonderful value.  These sell for $1099.99, and come with a very smart selection of parts.  Every bit of this bike is affordable and practical.  The bar end shifters are bullet proof and will last forever.  The wheels are nicer than most comparable bikes for the money.  The drive train and brakes are sensible parts that won't drain your wallet while performing well.  In fact, the only part I don't like on the bike is the saddle.  There's a nice Brooks here that would take care of that handily.

This bike is a welcome addition to our in stock line up.  It'll look great sitting next to it's bigger cousin, and it'll make a wonderful bike for someone just in time for spring.  Happy Tuesday folks, I hope it's a good one.

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Vito said...

Very sweet ride!