Thursday, February 17, 2011

Phil Wood Rohloff.

Yup, you read that right.  Phil Wood has released some photos of a custom hub shell for Rohloff 14 Speedhub internals.  For most people the standard 32 hole Rohloff is sufficient.  If you are hauling heavy loads, or building the the hub for a tandem, it may not be.  Here's a new option.  Phil says these will be available in 24,28,32,36,40 and 48 drilling, and will be available in anno colors.  Bottom line, it's stunning.  

People have been asking for 36h or more drillings from Rohloff for years.  Especially for tandem use, I think it makes a lot of sense.  Rohloff claim that with the larger hub shell and 2 cross spoke lacing make up for that, and it probably does.  Still, when I built my Rohloff up for my tandem I would have picked 36h over 32h just because.

I'll look for more info on pricing, Rohloff Warranty, availability and any other details I can find out.  Phil and Rohloff, seems like a match made in heaven to me.

Check it out from on Phil's Website Here.


Guitar Ted said...

I saw that on Twitter yesterday and immediately thought of you. Looks gorgeous and I am betting they sell a lot of those.

Ben said...

I do like the looks of it. The flanges are taller, but they are spaced closer together. I wonder if that would ultimately be stronger than the standard Rohloff or not. I think the biggest advantage is the higher spoke count, or appearance you are looking for. The real question is if Rohloff would honor any warranty issues, and I'm betting not. I have a used hub, so that's out for me anyway, but on a new hub purchase it's something I would consider.

Matt said...

From my quick calulations the spoke angle is very slightly greater with Phil Wood shell given the taller flanges even though they are spaced closer together.

Anonymous said...

This looks beautiful! I want to show you this:, my former employers solution to use on his tandems (just being a bit proud-ish...). Shown on NAHBS too. I agree on the warranty issues-thing: you even have to have a certificate to mount beltdrive cogs on the hubs!

Frank Z

David Lewis said...