Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Do you want MTB trails in Rice County?

This was forwarded to me by a friend and long time public trail advocate in Northfield.  Rice County is currently assessing their parks plan for the near and long term future.  If you live in Rice County, or would like to ride your bike here, I urge you to fill out the survey below.  I would suggest specifically stating your desire to see mtb trail system development allowed in Rice County in the comments section.  

"Rice County is currently in the process of gathering information for
the Comprehensive Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan.

In order to gather input from those who live and work in the County,
we would greatly appreciate your assistance. The information gathered
will guide staff in determining the needs of residents and greatly
assist in the development of the plan. Please visit the following link
to complete a survey:

If you have additional questions please feel free to call
(507)332-6113 or e-mail"

Thank you for your support!  I am hopeful one day that we can have professionally designed MORC supported trails in Rice County.  Your opinion matters though.  Particularly to those who live, work, or have family or friends in the area, this is the time to make your opinion and voice known.  Tell your county government that you want trails here today!


Sean said...

Done. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Jerry said...

done, thanks for posting this.

Ben said...

You're both welcome. I keep dreaming of Murphy type trails 8 miles from Faribault or Northfield across the street from the Mill Towns Trail. Maybe someday that will be a reality.

Jerry said...

it seems like access is the biggest hurdle. we have the terrain. if morc and imba could team up with the county, it could happen.

Ben said...

I agree. The biggest challenge is having the county decided it is allowable and something they want to pursue. I know that the IMBA representative has talked to Rice County before and they were not interested in pursuing MTB trail development. Hopefully if we can generate enough civic pressure from people that live in Rice County the governors of the Park system will change their opinions on the subject.

I think sustainability and positive environmental impact are the biggest hurdles to overcome. The idea is to impress upon people that more trails gets more people outside and experiencing nature. If these trails are sustainable designed this can be achieved with little to no negative impact on what trails are there, and things like wildlife etc.

Kevin Herman said...

I'm in, and offered to help organize the effort. Thanks for spreading the gospel, Ben.

Ben said...

I really hope that this at least starts the conversation again with the county. I would love to see this go forward. The idea of really quality trails in local proximity makes me really happy.

Dan Bergeson said...

Done. Thanks for pushing on this, Ben. I knew about the public hearing, but not about the survey.