Tuesday, January 25, 2011

White Industries Disc All Rounder Wheels

I built these wheels up for a lady eagerly awaiting a 2011 Fargo complete to arrive.  She will be running these and the rest of the bike in the stock configuration.  While most of her riding will be on roads and paths commuting around the cities, she wanted big tire capability for some light mtb use, and wanted to be able to do light weekend touring.  The Fargo fit the bill for her in terms of comfort, versatility, and performance.

The requirements for her wheels were pretty straightforward.  She will likely be using large volume road, or high pressure touring tires most of the time.  This eliminates many of the usual mtb rims we would use such as Stan's rims, which have tire pressure limits.  I chose to use Hed's stellar Belgium C2 rims on these wheels.  Their wider than standard road width will work well with any tires she's like to run.  They are some of the toughest road rims I've ever used, certainly they are strong enough for her smaller frame on light mtb trails.  The are fairly lightweight, and are the straightest and truest rims I've ever built with. 

These rims were laced to White Industries M16 disc hubs using DT Swiss Competition butted spokes.  The hubs are amazing, and will out roll anything I've personally used.  The spokes are light enough to keep things from being over built.  They are also plenty durable to resist the disc brake torque and loads for years to come.  This is easily a ten plus year wheel set.  They weigh in at right around 1900 grams, so while not for the weight wienies out there, they are plenty light for her purposes.   

Fargo complete builds should be arriving later this month, or early next.  We have five of these coming in for stock or for customers.  It will be exciting to get building on those, and to see those hanging out in the shop.  These wheels will make an excellent upgrade to an already killer for the dollar spec.  It will be a nice looking package all wrapped up. 

Happy Tuesday all.  We hope to see you at our Fat Tuesday ride tonight.  We will again be leaving from Goodbye Blue Monday in Northfield at 7pm. 


Wally Kilburg said...

We just built a set of wheels for a Vaya using the DT Swiss TK540 rims and MI6 hubs from WI. I was astounded by how round, straight and true the rims were. Sort of made building the wheel a no brainer.

Can't say enough about WI hubs or HED rims though - that set I got from you carry my lard butt around with no problem and spin like mad!

Ben said...

Yup, you gotta love putting parts together with quality components. It does make things easier going together, and helps go a long way towards making things more durable.

I do think White makes some of the best hubs for the money. For how they look, how they work, and the fact that they are made in the US they are a killer value for the money.

MMcG said...

Holy Crap those are gorgeous!!!

How wide are those HED rims?

I've got a Set of Cane Creek Strados Disc for similar duties, but those HED rims look to be even wider.

Stellar build Ben!

Ben said...


Thanks for the comments.

The outer width of the Hed's are 23mm, with an inner width of about 18mm. So not big for a mtb rim, but much bigger than a standard road rim.

MMcG said...

Thanks Ben - pretty much the same as my Strados Discs then.