Monday, January 03, 2011

This week's work.

We have a mix of fun stuff and routine stuff going on this week at the shop.  A nice little shipment of 27 bikes came in this morning from Trek.  Nothing fancy or exciting unfortunately, just good old shop stop of fine 2011 town and kid's bikes.  It will be nice to see the floor stocked fully again.  We've been running low waiting for 2011 stock to be available for a bit now.

I have quite a few wheels to build this week again.  As was the case in December, January is starting off heavy with fat bike themed work.  For starts, I have five Rolling Darryl wheels to build this week.  One of these is my rear Phil Wood fat bike wheel, two of them are for a super Pugsley for Cody, and the last set is for a nice Mukluk build coming together. 

Cody's set will be built up offset on the rear and symmetrical in the front.  They will be build on a White Industries Eno for the front, non offset for an Enabler fork.  The rear will be laced to a White Industries M16 rear offset for the Pug.  He is running the Enabler fork in his Pugsley.  He wanted the symmetrical wheel lacing it offers along with the rack and water bottle mounting options it provides.  This will have the effect of slightly slackening out the angles of the frame, and should raise the front end of the bike a bit.  I've done this on customers bikes in the past with little noticeable change to the handling.

We also have a 16" Puglsey to build for a Triple D and ITI Race competitor from California this week.  She is flying out for the Triple D, and we will be bringing the bike down to meet her for final set up and adjustment.  Should be a cool project, I look forward to starting on that tomorrow.

The other set of Rolling Darryls will be built on Salsa and Surly hubs for a custom Mukluk build.  The frame and fork are off for powder coating, and the rest of the parts will be here Wednesday to finish that up. It should be a stealthy little scoot with nicely selected parts.  I really look forward to seeing this bike built. 

Parts for my fat bike are also arriving steadily.  Mr Pofahl dropped off this exquisite stem last week.  I will be using Woodchipper bars on this bike.  This stem is identical to the one on my Potts, and the position should be quite similar.  The bar height above the saddle will be the same, but the reach will be slightly shorter. This should shift my weight a little further back, while making the overall feel more upright.  I think it will work well. Other bits are due in today, the the whole thing should come together in the next few weeks.  I'll be on the Fargo until then, which is doing alright in the harder snow of late.

So, starting the year off with steady work.  That's a really nice thing to say in the beginning of January!  I'll have some photos up of the wheels and bikes as they get put together.  We are also going to be having out Fat Tuesday ride tomorrow night.  We will be meeting in front of Goodbye Blue Monday again at 7pm to start.  The route will likely be the same as last week, figure on about an hour and a half ride. We hope you can come and join us again, or come on down for the first time. 

Happy New Year all!  I hope your year has started off running as ours has!


Guitar Ted said...

Happy New Year to you and Meg. Hope you both have a wonderful 2011, sir!

Wally Kilburg said...

Great to hear you are busy! Not many shops can say that.

I'm making travel plans so my work is back to keeping me humming!

I'm loving that stem. I'm going to have to talk to you about stems...take care my friend. Enjoy the work and the rides!

Ben said...

GT- Thank you. I hope you and family have a wonderful year as well. I look forward to seeing you up here, and I am excited to make it down you way more often as well.

Wally- It sure is pretty. Mike does gorgeous work for very reasonable prices. Heck of a nice guy to boot. You'd like him. He has a nice collection of older motorcycles as well.