Thursday, January 06, 2011

Phil Wood 100mm BB

All of Phil Wood's bike parts are gorgeous.  They represent some of the nicest US made bike parts money can buy.  Both in terms of fit and finish, and durability and performance they are as good as it gets.  Here is the bb for my upcoming fat bike build.  It's a darn shame to hide something this pretty inside a frame. 

These are specifically made for 100 mm shelled frames, and this one is offset for geared use.   Phil BB's are available for all shell sizes and axle widths, and the make top shelf external bearing BB's for modern cranks as well. 

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Anonymous said...

Winter 2011 .I'm in the process of building a Pugsley and in order to utilize my old crank ( jis ) I want to order a 100mm BB shell from Phil : How much should I pay for that in U.S. $ ( I'm in CDN )