Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're alive.

We are alive and kicking, shoveled out, and our books are all straightened away for the end of the year.  Last week was a bit of a chore to say the least.  I always look at bookwork with a certain amount of high school homework dread.  I know it has to be done.  I fully well realize the benefits it provides, as well as the necessity for keeping proper books.  None of that makes me any more excited every month, (and certainly not at the end of the year,) to dive in and set the numbers right.

Last week was a marathon.  It was the time it worked to run through everything.  I checked every invoice, double checked every shipping and cash credit, and  and make sure it's ready for tax time.  Orders for end of the year stock and upcoming projects were laid out and double checked. With the weekend snow came hours of shoveling and cleaning both at home and at the shop Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday Meg and I finally got a bit of a break just in time to start the work week again today.

Last week was also a week of preparation for our next shipment of Mukluks.  As the complete bikes were sold out rather early, we are building up some framesets into bikes very close to factory spec.  These are all sold, and framesets are sold out, so we will unfortunately not have any others in stock for sale. Curtis' bike and my frame should also be in soon, so we are preparing for that as well.

Last week was great actually.  Everything that needed to get done is done, and all of the other projects are coming together.  Today we received the build kits for the coming frames save for a few parts.  Those parts will be coming in throughout this week.  Spokes for five wheel sets were ordered today, and those will be coming yet this week.  A shipment of Lake MXZ 302 boots will also be coming this week as well.  It's starting out as another busy week.  This has been our busiest end of the season ever and things are not slowing down much at all yet.

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Bill G said...

Well Ben I see the business as a compliment to how you run your business! I am glad I am not a local or I might just be more broke than I already am and my LBS has nothing over you by way of service!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tax Time = more work for me!!!