Saturday, December 04, 2010

Schedule of Events.

Ladies and gentleman, here's the low down on what to expect tonight.  Folks are welcome to come whenever, I've thrown out the arbitrary number of 4pm as a start time.  We will be leading a bike ride for those interested starting at 5:30pm.  This will be an in the woods ride, and we did get 8"s of snow last night.  Be sure to bring an appropriate bike, clothing, lights, and be ready for a slog!  The illustrious Mr. Oney will be leading the ride on a route of his choosing based on trail conditions.  Food is set to be served at around 6:30-7pm.  This will probably change a bit depending on cook times, and it'll be a self served affair buffet when ready. Other than those things, the night is unscripted.  Come on over and enjoy the company of other bikers, share some tales around the fire out back, and have a great time.  We hope to see you all later today.  Have a good one.


Jerry said...

I swear I can smell the ham already

Ben said...

There will be two of them. Hehe. Oak bonfire and ham on a charcoal grill. Not much better than that.