Thursday, December 02, 2010

Rolling Darryl

Rolling Darryls have started arriving from Surly.  These are by far the nicest fat bike rims I've ever seen.  They are quite light at around 870gms, and fit and finish are top notch.  The bead seat is very well defined, and should eliminate any possibility of tire slipping.  It may even allow these to be set up tubeless.  These are available in quite limited supply right now.  I do have one set available for sale, the others have been sold already. 
These would make quite an upgrade to any stock Mukluk or Pugsley wheel set.  Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Curious if Salsa is shipping Darrly specific rim liners yet?

Ben said...


There are several methods of taping these. QBP stocks a rim strip that will work, many people use ribbon taped in place, others use reflective packing tape. There are also trials rim strips that come in many different colors that are available. So you have a lot of options depending on what you want the holes to look like.

Anonymous said...

Ben, do you still have the set? Is it just the rims or is it a wheelset? Thanks

Ben said...

Anonymous- I do not have any in stock for sale right now, although they are in stock and I can have a set for you tomorrow. We can of course build them into any wheel set you would like, and you do get a price break on parts ordered with a wheel set if you're looking to go that route. I will be in the shop all day today, and you can reach me at 507-331-2636. Thank you, take care.

Anonymous said...

Ben, is the darryl set still available? Are they rims or a wheelset? Thanks


Ben said...


I now have a set of Darryl rims in stock at the shop for sale. They certainly can be built into any wheels you would like.

Please let me know if you would like them, or if you'd like info on wheel builds available.