Sunday, December 26, 2010

Inaugural Fat Tuesday Ride

As talk started of Mukluks and Pugsleys months ago, the illustrious Mr Oney had a great idea for a ride series.  He thought it made logical sense to continue shop group mtb rides through winter, but at various locals around the state. Ben dubbed these rides, the Fat Tuesday rides.

With the proliferation of snow we've had, and with the exponential increase in the number of fat bikes now out to customers, it seems logical to start in on these rides now.  The first ride will be held in Northfield this coming Tuesday.  We will meet at Goodbye Blue Monday at 7pm, and we will ride for approximately 10 miles, or as much as the group would like.  The pace will be post Christmas semi sluggish, and will be generally slower and relaxed.  The idea is to ride out on snow slowly enough to have conversation, and to be close enough to one another to have a good laugh when people inevitably fall!

We hope to see as many of you there as possible.  We will likely head to a local establishment for some refreshment afterward.  It should be a good time, and worth coming for.  This will be the first location of many. We are talking to some like minded folks in the Twin Cities to line up a few rides at other local trail locations, so we should be coming to a trail near you soon. 

Curtis and I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season with friends and family.  Here's looking forward to a new year filled with much more of the like!  See you Tuesday.


J-No said...

Sounds like fun. I'm wary of large group rides in general, more so on snowmobile trails. Please be courteous to our sledneck friends. It is true we have a right to be there, but if it were not for them there would be no trails to ride on. I always pull over, smile, and wave when I hear them approach.

Ben said...

Yessir, couldn't have said it better myself. There will probably only be 8 of us, and every courtisy will be extended to our motor driven friends. I for one have never had any issues with that, I simply yield and it's all good. In fact, all of the responses I've gotten before have been very positive. Lots of thumbs up and the like.

TGooz said...

I'm looking at getting helmets to use when riding our Muks... I've thought about snowboarding helmets but think they may not work since with the head being in the bend slightly back position may move the helmet downward on the forehead. Would they work though? Any other suggestions?

J-No said...

I wear a Giro ski helmet.

Ben said...

I've been using a Lazer Urbanize helmet for a few years now. It's light, pretty full coverage, has a few vents, and has built in lights. It features Lazer's really nice Rollsys fit system, which is really comfortable as well.