Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frame bag pattern

It doesn't look like much now, but it will be really cool when finished. This will be the pattern for my Mukluk's frame bag.  I am thinking of a long top pocket with a smaller lower pocket for tube/tools/fire stuff. Christmas will be really busy for Meg and I, but I hope to start on this next week.  More to follow.


TGooz said...

Hey Ben,
Can you share the web site where you send your request for frame bags? We may have a need for a couple for our tandem. Linda and are planning a week long trip next summer on our tandem.

Ben said...


I would give this fine gentleman a call or email.

I have a full set of his bags and they are second to none. He does fabulous work.

TGooz said...

Maybe when we visit the shop next you can show us how you measured your frame for a custom bag?

Ben said...

Anytime Tom, it's something we can do whenever. I would suggest soon, as his wait times can be a few months for custom stuff. It'd be a shame to want to use them and not have them in time.

Jerry said...

cardboard is a lousy material for a frame bag. I suggest you start over with something more appropriate.

rode the mukluk to work today, but someone decided to plow every street in town so the ride was boring. got a lot of great looks from customers in the shop though. can't wait to really ride it.