Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fat Tuesday

We had a great ride last night.  Trails were near perfect.  The temperature was a balmy 27 degrees.  The company was excellent.  We ended up with 6 riders, not bad for a short notice ride. 

 We left down town Northfield and headed out to Dundas on the Sechler park snowmobile path.  The trails here was probably the hardest condition wise of the night.  The front end of my Fargo pitched wildly as I tried to keep it going in a straight line.  The others didn't have much trouble at any point, though the trial was not on an even pitch here.

 From Dundas we rounded Menards and headed up Radar hill.  Most guys were in low-low to craw up it, it's a killer.  Once on top the snowmobile trail heads down across a big open field back to County 1.

Curt's adventure Pugsley.  He's still working on little set up things, but it looks and rides great!

Waiting around for me at the Mill Town Trail head.

We had a nice little spin.  We'll be doing it again next Tuesday at a yet to be announced location.  Have a great day.  We hope to see you out there soon!

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Jerry said...

looks like a fun ride. sorry I missed it. I suffered through an hour at lebanon and got home too late.