Tuesday, December 28, 2010

17" Mukluk Available

We have had a customer back out of a 17" Mukluk Complete.  This is one of the bikes we've assembled from a frameset to be very close to original spec as the bike comes from Salsa.  The bike is $1700, reflecting the increased cost of parts individually, and added labor for frame up assembly.  This will be the last Mukluk we will have available until March, and I expect it will sell rather quickly.

If you'd like to purchase this bike, call me at the shop at 507-331-2636.


Ben said...


TGooz said...

Wow! That was quick!

These bikes are flat out fun! We got Bar Mitts for Christmas so now we can stay out riding even longer.

Ben said...

Yeah, it wasn't even up two hours.

Missed you on last night's ride. We had a good time. You'll have to come next week if you can.

TGooz said...

I'll put on my calendar. May be a little tough to do after Linda and I get trashed by our trainer who likes to beat us up on Tuesdays.