Monday, November 22, 2010

Tandem teaser shots.

Here are some of the before photos of the Schwinn Town and Country tandem we are working on.  It dates to somewhere in the late 50's.  It is a bit of an oddity.  The bike is fully fillet brazed, has a Paramount style curved stoker seat tube, and has 650b wheels!  The bike needs new wheels to be really ride able, and the cranks and drive train need serious work.  This thing will be quite the stunner when we are done with it though.  It's a perfect winter project for the long days ahead.

Paint and patina are really cool on this bike.  It is very dirty, so it'll take a while to wash away all the old grease and to polish up all of the shiny bits.  The major components of the bike are in quite good shape.  It'll be a lot of polishing and hand work to bring it back to it's former glory.  The chain guard below is shown with a partially polished upper, and the lower as we received it.  With steel wool and Mother's chrome polish these parts will just glow when done. 

The bent seat tube is one of the finer points of design on this bike.  The wheelbase is quite short for a tandem.  It should handle pretty well when completed.  The wheels are in pretty rough shape as you can see.  These will be rebuilt with modern spokes, rims, and tires.  It should make this into a very ride able bike.

Here's the drive side of the front drum brake hub.  This thing is a work of art.  The bearings are dead smooth, and the brake mechanism is in near perfect working order.  I can't wait to get this built up and running. 
The spoke holes are an impressive 94mm center to center.  This thing is a beast!

That's how we are starting the week.  I hope your week goes as well as ours is shaping up to be.  Have a good one.

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Guitar Ted said...

Ben, A few years back the shop I work at did a resto on a very similar Schwinn tandem in blue. Frame details are the same. Bent seat tube, fillet brazing, and a weird headset. Anyway, we had our work cut out for us, since it was very rusty, but it came out great. I'll see if I can scare up some photos to send you.

Nice snow bike wheel there, by the way! ;>)