Friday, November 19, 2010

New wheels in stock, and a sneak peak.

Due to the increase in orders for similar custom wheels, we are now stocking a pair of White Industries road wheels. 

These are fairly standard traditionally laced wheels.  This pair consists of a 28 hole front and a 32 rear.  They are laced in a standard three cross pattern with DT's Competition spokes to brass nipples.  The rims are Hed's premium Belgium C2's. 

These weigh in at 1730 grams, and should easy last 10 years under normal use.  Stop by and check them out today.  Cost on these puppies is a reasonable $675.

Also, here's a sneak peak of an upcoming project. 

Drilled Vicious on a Maverick hub and fork.  It's pretty.


Vito said...

Holy crap!! That looks awesome! I can hardly wait to see the complete build.

Ben said...

Yup, it's a lot of fun. I am very excited to see it all come together. Just a bit longer.

Erik said...

For some reason I thought that those wheels would end up lighter than that. Hmm. Nevertheless, that's a killer wheelset. I like.

Ben said...

Eric, this is one of the more stout wheel builds you can assemble with these components. To put it into perspective, these weigh almost exactly the same as Bontrager Race Lite wheels, which have 18 fewer spokes, and are radially laced. The Bontragers also sell for just about as much as these.

Considering how much stronger these are, how much longer they will last, and how much stiffer they are, I'd say the weight is pretty much spot on.

To get these lighter one could use Lazer or Revolution spokes, alloy nipples or Scandium Hed rims. You could also lace these radially, and drop the spoke count. Either of these would detract from the stiffness, strength and overall durability of the wheels.

The best part about custom wheels is that you can tailor the wheel build to an individual's needs. These represent what I consider to be a real world performance wheel set that will last almost forever under most riders.