Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gravel week

I've gotten out riding gravel everyday so far this week. This marks a big change, as I've not been seriously riding since my return from Arkansas in October. Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, winter is coming. I'm trying to take every advantage of the remaining warm weather to get as many miles in as I can. I have asthma, which makes riding at a hard effort, or for long distance in the winter difficult.

If I'm to get back some of the fitness I've lost in the last few weeks now is the time. Fitting this in with what is still a busy shop schedule is going to be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully with day light saving time in full effect there is a lot of time in the morning to get 20-30 miles in before work. 

This week has been off to a nice start so far.  I rode a hard 45 mile ride with some friends on Sunday. This ride was full of little rollers. There were no real killer hills, just many smaller ones quite often. I really like riding these kinds of hills, as I find it builds up fitness much quicker than a few hard hills at long intervals. Monday we got out for a nice little 17 mile ride. This was hard and fast, with several really burning hills thrown in there. Tuesday we rode a bit longer 25 mile ride, this one with serious wind for the first half.  

The roads are in near perfect shape right now.  Some of them are a bit dusty due to the lack of rain.  In general they are about as hard as they get. Many of the roads have easy tire paths as hard as concrete.  Going with some of the tail winds we were turning along at an easy 20 mph. 

Today will be something a little different.  Guitar Ted and Captain Bob are due up from Iowa at about lunch time.  We plan to grill up a bit of lunch at the shop, then head up To Murphy to meet up with Gnat.  There will be a few fun bikes on hand to ride. It is shaping up to be a perfect day today, I'm very much looking forward to it.


Jerry said...

yesterday's ride was pretty cool. turning east in Nerstrand felt good. good thing we skipped farmer trail. I barely made it to work on time.

I'll put some pictures up if I can fix my camera.

Wally Kilburg said...

I wish I could have made it.

Ben said...

Jerry, we both would have been even more late if we had gone Farmer. An excellent ride though. Thanks again.

Wally, we'll have to plan a little better next time. This was admittedly thrown together. I was scrambling to get my stuff ready even this morning. I am trying to put together a bigger ride sometime this fall yet. I'll let you know when I get a date on.