Friday, November 05, 2010

Friday morning cruise.

Today has been a good day already.  This week has been pretty hectic.  We've been lining up new products, readying new product displays, getting big shop repairs out the door, and solving some pretty big problems for some customers.  After a week of sometimes quite literally running around, it's time to slow down for a few days. 

Curtis is taking off to Chicago for a weekend away with friends.  We are waiting on large stocking orders to come in next week, so business in the shop will return to normal for a few days.  There are a few normal repairs to do yet today.  After that the idea is to drink coffee and plan for next week in equal parts.

My morning started off in a near perfect way.  I started by waking up before dawn and enjoying a relaxing breakfast at home.  My parents are having a garage sale this weekend, so I went over this morning to help move cars in preparation for that.  The weather today is supposed to be some of the best for quite a long time.  I decided to take advantage of that by borrowing one of my father's classic cars for my commute.  As it was still only 30 some degrees, the convertibles were a bit out of the question.  The logical choice was the hard top Corvette.

I left Northfield for work with a mission.  I wanted meat.  Many of you have heard me talk of the wonders that Nerstand Meat Market holds.  Some of you have had their famous double smoked ham cooked over a charcoal grill here at the shop.  I've taken some people there as a mid ride stop for wonderful turkey jerky.  It was for a bit of smoked goodness that drew me east towards Nerstrand this morning.  On the way I took the curvy roads past the beautiful Valley Grove Church.  The hills and fields were gorgeous bathed in welcomed amber morning light. 

This car is a true classic driving machine.  Free of modern luxuries, you can feel this car working.  You can feel the suspension working around corners.  You can hear the whine of the transmission and the rear differential.  Visually it is a feast for the eyes as well.  There are so many shiny red curves and shiny points of chrome on this car it is amazing.  Watching the reflections of the morning light play off these bits is awesome in and of itself.  Driving this car is a truly visceral experience.  It is a joy. 

Here's a shot of the vehicle and destination.  It was a wonderful way to start the day.  Happy Friday all.  Have a great weekend. 


Jerry said...

nice wheels. you should ask your dad if you can mount a roof rack on it to carry your bikes. then duck so a wrench doesn't clock you in the noggin.

Ben said...

The Mecury Comet will be getting a 2" hitch to carry up to a 4 bike rack. The Corvette, not so much.

Dr. Psycho Acoustics said...

What a great car, now you need some great music to hear when driving it.


Bill G said...


You had my son and I drooling at lunch over the corvette!

Beautiful car!!

Have a great weekend!