Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A few more Mukluk photos.

These things flat out rock.  I'm stoked for all the fat bikes that will be out there this year.  These will be yet another option to choose from for serious winter riding.  That's always a good thing.

Here's the cute one.  An XS.  It's tiny, and fit's it's owner perfectly!  Tons of stand over clearance and the correct effective top tube length.  Interestingly enough this is also the smallest production 29er capable bike I know of.  It's a 13" seat tube.

It just looks good.  With the proper stem and spacer set up this could easily fit the smallest adult riders.  It should be a great option for those shorter stature riders, or for female riders who need shorter TT's for an appropriate fit. 

These are going to be killer bikes.  They come together really well, and the components all play nice with one another.  We are excited to be getting these out to customers, on time no less.  The rest of the bikes should be arriving some time in the next two weeks.  Framesets should be along shortly after that.  I will keep updating these as well get more bikes or info. 

We will be closed Thursday at the shop for Thanksgiving.  We will be open normal hours Friday and Saturday.  Happy Thanksgiving from Curtis, Meg and I.  All the best to you and yours.  


Guitar Ted said...

Unbelievable how tiny the XS is! I am getting excited to get this bike for winter and more.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, Meg, Curtis, and your families!

TGooz said...

Our new Mukluks are the bomb!! We got them home and immediately went riding around in our yard on top of the crusty snow.
We're still grinning ear to ear with these two new additions to our fleet of bikes.
Thanks again for getting them setup so quickly for us.
Tom & Linda

MG said...

Very cool...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, Ben.


Joboo said...

Ahh, Fat Bike LOVE....... nothing better!!!

That XS frame looks like it could fit my 7 yr. old!! Lol

those grins are gonna get even bigger, with more ride time!!
CONGRATS!! And enjoy!

Peace, Joboo

Anonymous said...

There are a couple rides in the midwest just for them: triple d, tuscobia ultra, arrowhead. Although the last two are a bit long.

Ari said...

we have sold a few of the new pugs and now await the arrival of the much anticipated mukluk.
ours will arrive tuesday. Nice fotos and write up.
good thanksgiving to you and your family.

Jams said...

Great looking bike! I just bought a winter bike this year so I won't be needing a new one for a while, but it's good to see that the availability of them is growing.

rickyd said...

How small are the people riding the XS? My wife is 4'8, and she tried the XS @ Interbike and it was a teeeeeny bit big for her. I wonder if a shorter/lower stem would have made a better fit?

Ben said...

Ricky, we have a customer looking at one who is 5' and I think it will fit her pretty much out of the box with the exception of a 70mm stem. Depending on how your wife fits proportionally it may fit her fine with a stem/handle bar tweak.

I have run high rise bars with high amounts of back sweep flipped on super small bikes with a lot of success. This has the effect of both lowering the bars below the height of the upper headset cup, while also reducing the reach of the bike by bringing the grips closer to the rider. On a sedate handling bike like this, with it's intended purpose in mind, that would probably not affect the handling adversely.