Thursday, October 07, 2010

Surly Pugsley Completes

The original snow bike from Surly is set to be available in a complete bike build for 2011.  These bikes feature a component list comparable to Salsa's complete Mukluk, but with Surly's twist.  For details on components and geometry, step on over to Surly HQ and check it out. 


Complete bikes will be available in about ONE WEEK!

With Salsa Mukluk completes sold out until March, this is another finely speced option for an entry level snow bike.  If you want to get your fat on this winter before the snow flies give us a call.  We will be getting an 18" and a 20" in for shop stock.  Let us know if you want one of these fine beasts for your own stable. 


Anonymous said...

Could you discuss some of the differences between the Pugsley and the Mukluk. I'm especially interested in the hub/wheel/offset issues, since I would like to be able to use it as a 29er during warmer/drier months.

J-No said...

As far as I know...

135mm hubs(both), offset for the wide tires. Ability to switch front and rear wheels. (I keep a fixed on the front so if my freeheub freezes up I can still get home).

170mm rear, non offset (wider hub needed for wide tires) 135mm front, non offset.

Salsa has a spacer available so you can use your Pugsley rear wheel on the Mukluk. Nice for pug owners who just want to get a Mukluk frame.

The front der set up looks better on the Salsa, although I heard that problem solvers may come up with an direct mount for the Pugsley.

Ben just built me up a set of 29'er wheels for my pugs--In any case you will not be able to use a standard 29'er wheel on either bike.

Ben said...

I will throw up a lengthy post next week on the differences. I am leaving in the next few hours for a trip to Arkansas, and simply don't have spare time to write it properly today.

You may certainly call me at the shop at 507 331 2636 and I will gladly answer any questions you may have. I will be in this morning until 12 pm, and I will return on Wednesday of next week.

As to the basics, J-No is spot on though. Both bikes can be used with 29er wheels if set up properly, the Mukluk gets the nod if you want to use a 29er sus fork, though we have don that on Pugsleys in the past with good results as well.

A lot of is also boils down to whether you want a steel of alloy frame. The bikes in most respects are enough similar so as to be pretty comparable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys. Very helpful. I'm looking forward to the posting you mentioned.
I'm over in Brookings, SD and our local shop service is 'less than great'...

J-No said...

I have talked to a few people who think by going non offset that they will be able to swap out standard 29'er wheels. Not so, as the hub spacing is wider (170mm rear) in non offset. Both use a 135mm front so that is non standard too. In any case, you are looking at an extra non standard wheelset.

I already own a Pug, so I will be keeping the offset. I'm not sure there is an advantage either way, especially since we are talking a heavy bike that rides on 10psi.

I'm looking forward to the write up as well.