Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rohloff Project

Some of my favorite projects have started with boxes like these.  This one will be no different.  This will end up as a gorgeous 29er drivetrain/wheelset headed for the hills of northwest Arkansas.  The front wheel will be built up around a black Phil hub.  The wheels will be laced up to Flows for a bulletproof set up.

Rohloffs may seem prohibitively expensive, but in an era of $50 chains, $100 plus cassettes, and ultra zooty chainrings it doesn't take long to figure out the value over time.  Having had several over the years, and now having one again on our tandem, I could easily find room for another in my stable.


Ari said...

I built up a Surly Big Dummy for a lady and it ended up being the most amazing bike ever. We ordered a red Rohloff hub from Germany for the built and paired it up with a red chris king in the front.
Can't wait to see the build

Nathan said...

I'm stoked. When I jump off the deep end, I prefer it to be a long way to the bottom.