Friday, October 29, 2010

My Mukluk Preview

My Mukluk build is going to look significantly different than most.  Since their introduction almost a year ago, I have become addicted to Salsa Woodchipper handlebars.   I have them on my Potts, I have them on my Fargo, and I have them on my Rawland.  A short stint on a set of traditional high sweep set of bars has me convinced I want the same set up on my Mukluk. 

The Mukluk lends itself to a drop bar set up more than a traditional, 29er mountain bike frame.  I will be using a medium sized frame with a 23.6" ETT.  The higher than normal front end and shorter than standard effective top tube fits right in with what I have in mind.   This set up will let me use barcon style shifters, which I also prefer.  The bike will still need a custom stem to get the bars up high enough, and to keep my weight far enough off the front wheel to maintain a rear weight bias.  I'll share the rest of the build highlights after I make my final decision on what drive train I will use.

This bike set up duplicates that of my Potts and Fargo, albeit with a 20mm offset seat post and a slightly higher drop position.  I'm sure it will vary a little once I have int here to play with, but this is really quite close to what should be perfect. 


Guitar Ted said...

Ben: I don't know if you keep up with BTI or VooDoo, but the Nakisi stem is shipping overseas right now and might just be the ticket for your project. You might check into it. I will be searching for one for my Karate monkey/Woodchipper set up.

The Mukluk will be rad in that set up. Can't wait to see it.

Ben said...

GT, that stem would probably be just fine. I've already ordered one up from the illustrious Mr Pofahl though. Gotta support the local guy if I can.

Ben said...

GT, for some reason your second comment won't post.

"Understandable, and probably a better looking stem to boot" - GT

You are right sir. I love the look of the one the one on my Potts, it's exactly what I am looking for.

Jerry said...

leave it to Witt. I bet your car has a set of woodchippers instead of a steering wheel. they really are great handlebars I must admit.

your bike needs a chain.

Oney said...

A higher drop position than your Fargo? Have you talked to Pofahl about building the first recumbent snow bike?

Ben said...


The drop portion of my Woodchippers on my Fargo sits about 2"s below my saddle height. The drawing shown puts it right at 1" below my saddle height.

I have not discussed that with Mr Pofahl, though recumbant 28ers exist, so I don't see why it wouldn't work. ;)