Thursday, October 28, 2010

Everything Cages are here

These are awesome.  The possibilities are almost endless for this versatile cargo hauling set up.  It's designed to hold anything roundish, and sort of light.  I'm liking them for insulated Nalgene's on my Mukluk, for holding my tent or Alite chair on my Fargo, or anything else I can strap on or into it.

The Everything Cage shown next to Salsa's stainless water bottle cage.  It is about eight inches long, and the "wings" are a hair over  five inches wide.  The bottom of the cage is a rough circle about two and a half inches around.

The straps are what you would expect for a nylon tie down strap.  They have nice Salsa Adventure By Bike tags on them, and are about nineteen inches long.  The buckles are of the lace through type.  If you are looking for faster access you may want to swap these for a set with quick release buckles.  This type of buckle is easy to get nice and secure though, with less chances for failure.

For those wondering about weight, the Everything cage weighs in at 100gms.  Both straps weighing in at 25gms.  For comparison, the stainless bottle care weighs 52 gms.  These things are light!

Bottom line on these is that for $20, you can't go wrong for the versatility they offer at the weight they are.  I planning on using somewhere between 5 and 6 of these on various bikes. I will be posting photos of different uses for these cages in the coming days.  I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a use for one or two of these as well. 


Erik said...

Do you think this would fit under a down tube? It would be a great place to stash something, but I don't know if it would fit between the crank arms. Also, perhaps too tall and whatever you had in it would hit the front wheel? (all this assumes, of course, that you had three bosses under the DT)

Ben said...


I think that it would fit, particularly on a Pugsley on a Mukluk. I don't hink either of those bikes have three bosses there, but it would be easy to have them installed on the Pug. Two bolts would probably suffice if you were only carrying a lighter load. You would want whatever went down there to be waterproof, or in a mud shedding bag or pack of some sort.

J-No said...

I currently have a standard cage under the downtube of my Pugsley. I used 2 hose clamps to secure it, protecting the frame with electrical tape. I keep my MSR white gas fuel bottle down there. My summer plans next year include getting bottle/everything cage mounts on under the down tube and on the fork legs. I figured I'd have a frame builder do it, and get a fresh powdercoat at the same time.

I'd be up for some winter bike camping. Maybe ride for a few hours late afternoon Sat, break out the stoves, fire/bivy, and get up Sun and ride for a few more hours? Be finished late morning on Sun as to not disrupt the family too much?

Michael Meiser said...

Sweet, Sweet, Sweet. How'd you get them so fast?? I can't find them yet on the QBP website. I must get some ASAP.

I was actually sketching designs for something like these last winter, but for $20 I'd much rather buy them. Very nice design. Wouldn't change a thing.

I'm thinking three of them for my Fargo. Two on the front fork and one on the down tube. There should be plenty of clearance on the down tube.

I'm planning on putting a heavily insulated nalgene on the right (maybe an extra tall 48oz), my soloized MSR Dragonfly / Evernew 700 cook kit on the left and I'm hoping to figure out a way to stash my fuel bottle along side, above or beneath the cook kit (perhaps even in it), but that may be a lot for one fork.

All this will hopefully allow me to use the downtube for something quite large. I'm thinking possibly a 48oz x-tall nalgene stuffed with my sleep clothes or other stuff I don't want to get wet.

What it is all about for me is maximizing capacity outside of my frame bags. With bivy roll on the handlebars including down bag, bivy and Big Agness insulated air mat.

This would leave the main frame bag for just food and misc stuff (tool kit, first aid kit, headlamp, etc, etc, etc.) and the super twinkie for xtra winter clothing. I like to keep the top of my main frame bag relatively empty so I can pop a loaf of bread, some steak, a left over x-large calzone, a dark brew or two, or whatever suits my fancy. :)

Also, I have an extremely minimal backpack, considering using it with an insulated camelback. I hear if you put a bladder with hot water in it on your lower spine it warms you right up in the morning.

BTW, last years winter touring setup, this year fargo.

Can't recommend the reflective Autoshade enough. Also, studded tires rock, but only when there's actual snow. (To slow when the roads are plowed, which is most of the time.) Planning on making or buying some UL snowchains this winter for more versatility.

Finally, bungie nets make very effective, versatile and light gear holders when drapped across the brake hoods.

Final related photo sharing group:

Michael Meiser said...
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Ben said...

Micheal, nice set up you have there! I will have to take some time and delve into the info, good stuff though.

I have been watching for these for some time, so I ordered them as soon as they were listed in the New Products section of They are listed there from last week I believe. We have quite a few in stock, and shipping is very inexpensive if you can't find any local to you. These are just about perfect for their intended purpose. I very much look forward to using them myself.

Michael Meiser said...

Howdy Ben, started to respond before but browser crashed.

Can't find Everything cages anywhere on QBP. Even checked out the new products thread. It's driving me nuts. I want to order them already. May call them.

Ben said...


They are listed in the New Products header for 10/26/10. They are almost to the bottom of the list, item number RK8006.

peter said...

Note that these cages do NOT fit the Gen 1 Fargo, only the 2011 model.

Ben said...

Peter, I saw that and I disagree with it.

Everything Cages DO fit older model forks. They are not designed to fit, but I have two mounted up on my 2011 Fargo right in front of me. With full 29er tires, and full fenders they fit just fine. I will be posting photos of it tomorrow on the blog.

As the cages can only engage two bolts, not the normal three it was designed for, I would limit what you mount there to small loads such as a water bottle, bivy, sleeping bag, or other slightly bulky light weight object.

Michael Meiser said...

Wow, I had to refer back to your blog post to find the cages. They simply do not come up in the search engine at all. The only and I do mean ONLY ways to find them is to go to the exact date you mentioned for new products or to go to the "view item". They need to re-index their database! I just requested three for myself and suggested we order a few more for the shops. Sweet price!

peter said...


Do you ship small items, eg these cages overseas? I'm in the UK and stuggle to get Salsa accessories.

Ben said...

Peter, I can ship to England. Let me know what you would like and I can get you a quote. USPS Priority international is usually quite reasonable for smaller items.

Joe said...

Did you ever take pics of these on the gen 1 Fargo? I saw your comments here and on the Salsa blog. I'm really interested since I was planning on running these with light items on my older gen Fargo.


Ben said...

Joe, I'm getting to that. I will be posting a whole entry on the Everything Cage fitment issues. I simply have not gotten to it yet. I think that it will come down to personal judgement on whether it is safe for you to run them on your own bike. As Salsa say on their blog, throw these on with three high quality hose clamps and you'll be just fine and it will work perfectly. Depending on what items you
like to carry they may work fine in the bottle cage position. This is dependent also on where you intend to ride, as the cages/load do stick out from the fork a lot. If you were to catch one or both of these on an obsticle it is concievabl that the rack could be forces into you wheel. I'll get to some of these specifics soon, probably tomorrow.