Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Drakkar's all ready.

Ready to rock for tomorrow.  I'm really pleased with the changes.  The bike is nearly perfectly set up for my purposes now.  I need to get a Revelate Designs Tangle bag for it, but from there it's just tweaking the small adjustments such as saddle height and angle. 

The Drakkar set up like it's meant to be.  The bike was designed as a gravel road rocket.  With these ultralight 700 x 50c micro knobby tires, hybrid road drive train, comfortable upright position, and light weight wheels this thing will fly on dirt.
I prefer the position and shape of Sram's excellent brake levers to those from Cane Creek or the like.  These are second only to Campy Record in terms of ergonomics in my opinion.  They aren't even expensive, which makes them even better.  Shifting is handled by Dura Ace 10 speed bar end shifters.
Here's the drive train in it's entirety.  The crank is a Shimano R600 with a Salsa 44t outer ring installed.  Even without ramps and pins the shifting is superb.  The derailleurs are Shimano Ultegra 6700, as is the cassette and chain.  The gearing is 44-34 up front, with a 11-28 cassette in back.
The front derailleur clamp modification allows the front der to ride where it should be, even on this really small ring.  The ST bottle cage required a very small shim, and it's all good to go.  The wider placed pivots on the body of the front der noticeably stiffened things up.  Front shifting is very precise.
The stainless dragon rear dropouts look great next to the matte silver-gray of the 6700 group.  With the superbly shaped White hub, the rear end of this bike is quite pleasing to the eye.  Oh, and it works amazingly well also!
This is the bike I will be riding tomorrow, as well as next Wednesday with Jason.  I will have it around, and it's available for test rides if anyone would like.  Stop by either of the rides and see how it looks, or give me a ring at the shop if you're interested in a test run.  Have a great day all, we'll see you out there tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Is that a standard road bb or is a triple bb necessary?

Ben said...

It is a standard external bearing bottom bracket with a standard 110bcd compact double crank.

As a reference, the stock 50t ring fits easily on this frame as well.

Wally Kilburg said...

Impressive. One of the best looking rigs I've seen. Beautiful bike.

Anonymous said...

Looks great, Ben! What is the (make of the) thingy to hold your axle in place? Do you use it on/in the left dropout also? Just curious. Hope the ride was nice today. Had a great sunny autumn day myself.


Ben said...

Thanks guys! We just finished up with the ride and food/beverages at the shop.

We had 60 riders for the ride! It was stellar on all accounts. The roads were great. The company was awesome. The Drakkar performed exactly as I'd hoped. It was just a great day to be on a bike with good friends old and new.

Frank, those are Surly Monkey nuts. They do not hold the wheel, they clamp onto the drop out of the bike and move the axle contact point back 15mm. I like how this smooths out the handling of the bike. It also provides for tire clearance for big tires.

Myrna CG Mibus said...

Wow! Gorgeous bike. Glad to hear the ride went well.

Jerry said...

I got brief look at the bike Sunday as it flew by me headed into Sogn Valley. Looked like the Mach 5 wizzing by at 50 mph, then up l'Alpe du Sogn. Nice ride yesterday.

I'd like to take that Drakkar for spin sometime.

MMcG said...

Geometry looks more relaxed than I remember with those frames. What is the seat tube angle and heat tube angle on your frame in that configuration?

Ben said...

The geometry is 72.5 HTA and 73 STA on the Drakkar.

MMcG said...

Thanks Ben!

timothy said...

love the creative and functional build you put together. i'll be ordering my drakkar from sean any day now. one question, what is the seatpost you are using?

Ben said...


Thanks for the compliments. It is a fabulous bike.

I am using a Bontrager Race Lite seat post in the bike.