Wednesday, September 08, 2010

White wheel building week.

It's going to be a week of White Industry wheel building here at the shop. For the money I'll go on record saying I think these are the best hubs you can buy. They are made in the US, are built of really quality materials very well, they have amazing customer service, and yeah, they look real nice. This is the first set of 7 wheels I'll be building this week with White hubs.

This pair will be laced up to a pair of Hed's stellar C2 Belgium series wheels. For a great looking, durable, traditional performance wheelset these will be hard to be beat. You can get a set for yourself for the reasonable price of $675 built with DT Competition spokes. I will be building the near identical set to this later in the week, with the exception of black hubs and black nipples.

Assuming all components are in stock, a build like this can be had in about one business week. Give us a call and see what we can build up for you!


Anonymous said...

Did you notice the nice oily smell of the freewheel from White Industries? I like it, smells like quality!


Ben said...

Yup. Gotta love that smell. It reminds me of my dad's auto garage, lots of stuff smells like that.

It's a nice light smell compared to the oily smell that comes on some black DT spokes!

Wally Kilburg said...

I can attest to how nice that combo performs. Good, good stuff White Industry hubs and HED rims.

J-No said...

Any chance you got a weight on this wheelset? I'm no weight weenie, but I was curious on how they were compared to the prebuilt wheels that hed offers with these rims.

Those hubs are a work of art.

Ben said...

The wheels I just built with these hubs laced to the Hed alloy rims with DT competition spokes laced 3x to brass nipples weighs in at 1769 grams for the pair.

I fully expect this wheel set to last for years of normal riding, and with the normal spokes and nipples it should be able to be serviced at any higher quality bike shop around the country if need be.

These would also easily be strong enough for heavier riders or more trying situations like gravel riding or CX racing.

A lot of weight can be cut while still using traditional lacing with alloy nipples and lighter spokes such as DT Revolutions.

You can also build these hubs in a lower spoke count to the Scandium version of these rims with CX Ray spokes and be right at the weight of Hed's own lighter wheels.