Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trip to Willow River

I spent Monday and Tuesday of this week on a little overnight tour with my friend Ben Oney. Ben was kind enough to let me tag along. Our ride started in Northfield riding to Cannon Falls on gravel roads through Sogn Valley. It was a gorgeous 50 some, sunny degrees when we left Goodbye Blue Monday at around 7am. The morning light made for really nice long shadows on the well packed gravel.The crops are getting really close to being harvest time. The light did wonderful things through the gently swaying fields. Road conditions at this point were next to perfect. A lot of the roads we were on are the north east part of the upcoming Rawland Gravel Tour, so it was a good opportunity to check out what's coming. Depending on the rain we get in the next few weeks, these roads should be really fast come tour time. Guys and gal who did the Rawland ride last year may recognize this shot. It's at the crest of a fairly large hill opposite of the radio tower coming into Cannon Falls. I love old farm structures. This one is in really good shape save for the missing top. For the trip I had my Fargo loaded up. Ben road his trusty Cross Check since his Long Haul Trucker is down needing some repairs. We had a great ride of a little over 80 miles to get to Willow River State Park outside of Hudson WI. We took a route from Cannon Falls to Red Wing, then north on the WI side of the river through River Falls. Tomorrow I'll post up some more info on the gear I took, and how I had it all loaded. I definitely learned a lot from just one night, and there will be some changes to my kit soon. Overall I think I had the majority of stuff set out properly. Now it's time to just refine and figure out what works best for me.


Sam Henson said...

Man, I can't believe that you guys wear those dorky outfits. There is absolutely no good reason to dress like that.

Jon Bon Jovi called he wants his wardrobe back

Ben said...

Hi Sam.

Oney said...

I just dress like that to impress babes. You know that Jon Bon Jovi still reels in the babes.