Thursday, September 02, 2010

Garbage Can Cruisers.

Occasionally people leave little tidbits, odds and ends, and junker bikes at our backdoor. While mostly they consist of true junker Huffy bikes and other Walmart big box fare, every now and then something surprises you. Tuesday brought a few of those.

As seen as I walked up, not a bad little present really.
The red bike is an older 24" Road Master in pretty rough shape. The fork is bent pretty badly on this one, and there are the remains of ape hangers and a banana seat strut hanging off of the rear axle.
The darker colored one is a really Wards Hawthorne with really nice surface patina.
I really like the lines on this one. I'll probably search for a similarly patina bar and a suitable saddle for the bike. The rear hub needs addressing, as well as some crank adjustment issues. The tires appear to be close enough to original, and they are in ride able condition. The tubes will need to be replaced.
Both bikes have New Departure rear hubs, with matching fronts. Both bikes have the frame mounted, downward facing horizontal dropouts with adjusters. They are both skip tooth drivetrains and those are in working order, albeit a little rusty. I am very glad that someone thought to bring these in. I'll have fun over the winter figuring out exactly what to do with them. The Hawthorne will likely be done up as a survivor rider. I don't want to do anything to it other than make it safe to ride and cruise on it. The Road Master may be beyond help at this point, we'll see though.


Captain Bob said...

Awesome! I love the Hawthorne!

Jerry said...

the Hawthorne looks like Fisher's new Sawyer.