Friday, September 03, 2010

Fast wheel building.

Once upon a time I had a set of go fast wheels for my Fargo. They were light. They were tubeless. They rolled really well. They ate up gravel roads like cookie monster ate up cookies. They were flexy.

Plans have changed a bit from my late summer wheel swap up. I had originally planned on putting my Rohloff hub in my Fargo. Since that has now been changed around due to the soon to be announced mega bike project, I have no wheels for my Fargo. Because I've been laid up with a good wrist injury for the past five weeks this hasn't been an issue. Now that I'm back on the mend though, I want to ride.

Here's the start for the new wheels. The 355's are only fractionally heavier than the Crests, but they should be just enough stiffer to make the handling better. I am still deciding on tires, but I will likely shod these in another set of Race Kings. I am just loving the set on the Potts.Have a great weekend all, take care.


Captain Bob said...

Now you can't leave me hanging Ben! What's the bike?

Ben said...

Soon Rob, soon.

Wally Kilburg said...

This is funny post...consiering I've got the old hubs and they are currently attached to my Fargo.
The more I ride the 240/Semi combo with the Marathon Supremes the more I like the set up. Handles hard dirt, gravel and crushed stone superbly. Sticks like velcro on wet pavement. Still delivers a comfy ride.
Thanks for selling me part of your old wheel kit Ben!

Ben said...

Yup, it's funny how plans change when things come up. I'll be mixing it up with some White Industry disc hubs on this build. I know you like those as well ;)

Spokes and rims are coming for the new build Rob. More to come when I get stuff in.