Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drakkar redo.

With the Rawland Gravel Road tour coming up on Sunday, I thought it fitting to get going on some long awaited changes to my Drakkar Build.  When I originally built the bike up I set it up with a traditional triple touring drive train.  While this did work well with the bike, for my purposes I wanted something a little more elegant with a more usable gear range.  The older set up had too much low gear, and too much high gear.  I spent very little time in either side of the gearing chart.  I wanted something much more in the middle, with closer set rear cogs as well.

My White Industry wheels I built will be switch hitting for this bike and my Fargo.  I will eventually have a set of White disc hubs built on Hed rims for this build, but that will have to wait a bit.  I'm being fiscally responsible while planning a kick ass Mukluk build in November.

The crank set up will be a Shimano compact double with 44t-34t gearing.  I don't use my 46t on Fargo all that much, so lightly lower on this bike makes sense.  I will likely run smaller tires in this bike than in my Fargo, so I plan on being in the big ring more.  The 34t is just a bit lower than the 36t middle ring on my Fargo, which should balance out the smaller 11-28t Ultegra cassette in the rear.  I love the way this set up looks. 
I will be using this bike as my road bike for a while as well, and the 44t shuold be just about perfect for my kind of road riding.  I found the 50t ring to be yet a bit too high for my tastes and speed, and the 44-11 is a pretty high gear.  I find myself much more efficient while spinning, so this should play right into my strengths.  My favorite "road" tires are also 35c, so that ups the overall gear range compared to a traditional 23c or 25c tire.

The front derailleur clamp needed a little gunsmithing to fit the much smaller ring.  The derailleurs will be Shimano's new 6700 Ultegra outfits with Dura Ace barcons.
 It should be a really good set up for how I'm going to use this bike.  The bike deserves such nice parts, and it should go like a scalded cat. I'll have full build pictures tomorrow when the last parts arrive. Happy Thursday all.


Wally Kilburg said...

I love the color Ben. The Drakkar has always been something of a "ghost" to me. I've read about the bike but have never come close to seeing one in person. The build sounds most excellent.

Anonymous said...

I really like your setup. I run a 44-11 as the biggest gearing on my roadbike (28mm) too. On my Drakkar I will be running 29-40 in front and 17 to 34 on a Hope Singlespeed freehub. Keep the pic's coming!


Ben said...

Thanks for the comments. I should have the bike ready this morning. I'll post up some glamor shots when she's ready. Even with just the rolling chassis sitting here it looks great. I really love the way this bike rides, these upgrades will really play into the best parts of it's handling attributes.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see the full build pictures.