Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lining things up

Things are clicking along here at the shop. The clothing racks are finished and installed. New lighting has been installed in that corner. Our clothing stock is ordered and should be here Friday. New parking signs have been put up behind the shop in our parking lot. Our changing room is officially finished with the addition of a color coordinated, decorative yet functional floor rug. The bathroom will soon be getting an exciting toilet paper holder upgrade. Golite tents will be in stock tomorrow. Two chickens will soon be going on a waiting hot charcoal grill.

All in all a really good day. Lots of info and pictures coming tomorrow. Take care.


Captain Bob said...

So, today is here.....where are the pics? ;-)

Ben said...

QBP will usually be at the shop around lunch time, maybe a bit later. Look for an early afternoon post. Once we unpack and tag in all of the merchandise I will set up and take photos of everything. There's not much else on board for today, so we should be able to have everything set up rather quickly with all three of use working on it. It should be an exciting day.