Thursday, August 19, 2010

Golite Tents In Stock

This afternoon we received the first Golite tents in the shop. Up first on the blog is the lightweight Eden 1 one person tent. This is a tent that I would describe as a real world lightweight tent. The one we were shipped weighs in at 1582 grams packed, or just under 3.5 lbs. While not being the lightest option out there by far, it provides a lot of space and creature comforts for a minimal weight penalty. This puts it about a pound heavier than many bivy type tents, or a bit heavier than the packed weight of a ground cloth, overhead tarp, and necessary accessories. Packed size is reasonably small and could be smaller if the poles are packed separately. Outside the tent is a light gray color with green accents. It is made up of a three pole, non freestanding stake system with 8 tie downs and multiple guy out points. The pole sleeves are color coded for ease of set up. One large door with vent allows access to the interior of the tent through a good sized vestibule.Inside it has a large enough sleeping area to spread out in comfortably. It's interior height is sufficient for me, (6',) to easily kneel or sit up in. The sleeping are is fully self contained with no see um netting and is attached to the main tent body at several points. They are not separable pieces and must be set up together. The interior is quite roomy even at both ends. Size 47 feet for comparison. All in all I think this will be a great tent for weekend bike packing warriors, single persons looking to cut weight from their kit while preserving comfort, and people who do not need the room of a multi person tent but will be staying in one campsite for a while.

Stop in and check out the Golite Eden 1. We will be leaving this model displayed on the floor for a while, so you can easily crawl around and see what you think. Up tomorrow will be the Golite Shangra La 3 pyramid shelter. It's also a really good looking set up!


Captain Bob said...

Very nice! Gonna be a great addition to the shop Ben.

Joe said...

I agree! Just what we need! I'm looking forward to getting out camping on the bike more this Fall.

Wally Kilburg said...

Thats an ideal tent for motorcycle camping too. I like the roominess of the whole thing. Looks like good ventilation as well.
You are setting standard for true outdoors adventure bicycling shops! I love it! In my location it might be a tough sell, in yours I think you nailed it.

Ben said...

Thanks for the good comments guys. I think we are still trying to sort out exactly what we would like to be in regards to outdoors equipment. Frankly a lot of it depends on what our. Customers would like to see locally. I will be posting a full entry on this next week, but it does kind of come down to this: what would you all like to see in a specific retail setting like this?

I'm am truly excited about all of this. It will be our six year anniversary at. The shop on October 1st. It's kind of crazy to think how far things have come in that time.