Thursday, August 26, 2010

Golite Shangra La 3

In addition to the Golite Eden 1, we also are stocking the Shangra La 3 from Golite. The video we posted earlier last week does a really good job of describing this tent, but we of course wanted to set it up and check it out for ourselves. Set up in the shop, the size of the shelter for it's 2.3 lb weight really stands out. It is an impressive amount of space for so little weight. At almost 10.5' across, it takes up fully half the shop width!
Plenty of space for my 6' frame to lay down in with tons of room to spare. As the video says, they call this a three man tent, though it's really a spacious two person set up.
The reinforced peak is a really cool area. The three big vents are easily seen here as well.
The tent's door is really large, making entering and exiting easy and accessible.
Though the pool is obviously in the center, it is really not in the way that much. Even with the fly set really close to the ground, the interior height is plenty to be able to move around easily. Curt and I are pretty excited about this tent. It's going to be a sure and steady companion for some Mukluk misadventures come the turn towards winter. Golite makes this tent in what they call a 5 person, which would be even more impressively sized for only a pound more weight.


Joe said...

I like the color. Glad they're offering something besides yellow. My Hex 3 is a nice dark green. Another nice thing about the GoLite tipi is you can fit you bike in there if you want to. I kept my Surly Karate Monkey in mine most nights on RAGBRAI last year.

Ben said...

Yeah, Curt and I were thinking that would be a pretty good idea. We figured even on a bigger bike you could do it if you set the pole up inside the triangle of the frame, near to the center of the top tube. This would put the highest point of the bike, (the handlebars,) at near the center of the tent, while giving you half the tent to sleep/hang out in. Can't beat having your bike in your tent for security either, especially on a huge ride like that!

I really like the color a lot on both of these tents. Both present a pretty calming atmosphere inside.

Wally Kilburg said...

That was my first thought - I could put my bike in there! Nice.

FTMN said...

How much?

Ben said...

The Shangra La 3 Tent is $275. The nest is $125. We have the tent portion is stock, we are waiting on a Nest for it.