Monday, August 30, 2010

2011 Bikes Arriving.

We're looking at a pretty normal week coming up. Last week we received our first batch of 2011 bikes from Trek. Trek has a really strong line up for next season. Their higher end offerings haven't changed much. The obvious exception is how the Fisher line is now integrated. Oddly enough the bike I am most excited about so far is one of the least expensive ones they offer. For 2011 Trek has brought back the venerable Trek 700 hybrid.The 700 was Trek's entry level hybrid for a good decade or so. It was a steel framed, steel forked bike with basic, durable components. These have always had a special spot in Brandon's heart, as his first bike shop job involved assembling probably 40 of them in a row.

The 700's return comes in much the same form as it did then. It is an entry level, steel frame and forked hybrid with just 7 speeds. For 2011 it also comes with nice upright bars and a comfy saddle. This is a great recipe for a townie in my opinion. The 7 speed rear end give you a nice range for casual riding while making the bike less intimidating for less experienced riders. The price is excellent at $300, making it $50 less than this year's Trek 7000. All in all I think it's a wonderful bike. It'll be a nice bike for many bike path bound riders of all ages. It would also make a really affordable, durable commuter for more experienced cyclists as well. The best part is that even with fenders, a rack, and a few bags the bike will still be under $500.

I'll have more posts about some of the new bikes we are excited about this week. There are some small changes to models that have made a big difference for next year. I think it'll be a great year for us and Trek on a lot of accounts.

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