Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trek Absorbs Fisher Brand.

I'm sure you all hvae heard this from one legitimate source by now, but Trek has officially absorbed the Fisher bike line. The bikes themselves will largely remain unchanged. They will be known as Trek bikes from the Fisher Collection. This is a really smart business move for Trek, and it will benefit us as dealers as well. Check out Trek's website for the full 2011 line up of the Fisher Collection.

Here's my favorite, the new Sawyer Cruiser. Sliding, belt drive compatible dropouts, geared configuration stock, really cool frame and fork, and $1400 msrp. It's going to be a killer bike. I've already back ordered several for the shop. If you want one of these, let me know now. With the internet buzz these are already getting, they bikes are going to likely be hard to get. I am totally in love with cruisers. I'll be getting on for myself for sure.

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dicky said...

I want one. I have no reason to have one. I would remove the cable guides, powder coat some panels on it, and hang it on my wall. Maybe even ride it... nah.