Wednesday, June 02, 2010

New Project

So I like Rohloff hubs. I really like Rohloff hubs. In my opinion they may be the ulitmate bike geek part. Rohloff hubs are so German it hurts. There is so much going on inside of one of these it's staggering. The numbers are pretty impressive too. The hub spans a 526% gear range, with 14 dead even steps of 12.6% along that. So it has a lower low and a higher high gear than a traditional 27 speed drive train. All of this is accomplished without any gear overlap.

I bought a Rohloff a long time ago for project that never materialized. I sold it, and I have been waiting for the opportunity to ride one ever since. That opportunity presented itself last night. I bought this bike. I like everything about the bike. It's the right size, it has the right parts, it has the right look, it's all there. I am not sure yet about what I am going to do with the bike itself, since the hub was what I really was looking for. For a used bike, it is built darn near to what I would have built for myself anyway. In any case it will be a fun project to play around with.

Happy hump day all.


Don said...


I have a Shimano Alfine (8 speed) hub on my Karate Monkey. I love it, but I'd love a Rohloff even more.

MMcG said...

Details on those tires on that Karate Monkey please. They look pretty friggin cool!

Ben said...

Those tires are old Kenda Khan's. I don't think they are made anymore. They are heavier, but roll like crazy!

I'll be getting some Creme colored Schwalbe Fat Franks in 700x50c soon. They should be a similarly cool tire.

Ogre said...

That must have been a cool previous owner :-)

Michael Meiser said...

Awesome blog. Can't believe I just discovered it. OR bivy's rule, I'm hopeing to get into mid's this winter by making my own, OR bivys, etc. etc.

I'm enjoying your posts about Rolhoff hubs the most. I've always wondered about their suitability for off road touring and snow touring. Especially with the potential for use with a belt drive.

Ben said...

Michael, Rohloff's rule, plain and simple. If you can afford the initial cost of investment, there is no finer drive train available for a touring bike. They are slightly heavier than a traditional drive train, but I think that is offset other places. Give me a call sometime if you'd like to discuss in depth Rohloff hubs, or possible set ups.

Michael Meiser said...

Ben, tremendous thanks for the info, I'm now even more interested in rolhoff hubs. One of these days, if I ever get up to Minneapolis I'm going to have to swing by your shop and check out one of your Rolhoff setups.

I'd always dreamed of some sort of chain or even belt driven fatback like the mukluk ever since I road one of the Pugs protypes. I loved it immediately, but who would have known what would happen as a result.