Thursday, June 03, 2010

Another step in the right direction.

After being absent for some years, higher end accessories and components are finally making their return to our shelves. We have been without a lot of the premium crafted, elegantly beautiful, and superbly performing bike jewelry that we all like to run on our bikes. Even if you are not in the market to buy such things, at very least we are getting some nice stuff to look at.

Bringing in these items again marks a turning point for us. After a few really bad business dealings, followed by a year of recession, this is it. Things are back on track towards normal, and what better way to celebrate than with pretty, functional bike parts?

Here's where we start. The Hive is a newer company that offers some pretty innovative products. Their Fifteen G cranks are a great example of what they do. Machined in the US, the finish and quality of these cranks is stellar. They are offered in SS configurations with a 32t or 34t chainring, and a geared option with 44-32-22 ring set up. They are quite light, with a claimed weight of 666gms fr the crankset with rings. The Matching bb is not very heavy either. The cranks us a huge 30mm alloy spindle, and a unique lobed crank arm attachment. Price for the SS with the BB is $280. That puts it at about the cost of a Shimano XT crank. It's a nice alternative to the norm, while not going too far out on a limb. Very crisp machining and a nice combo of matte and polished makes these really pop.
Unlike a lot of the larger mass market cranks in this price range, these really jump out at you and scream of quality. The fit and finish is excellent. They just look like nice cranks are supposed to look.
So there's the beginning. We will have a selection of nicer components around from now on. These will likely include some nicer head sets, a few premium hub sets, quality skewers, and other things of the same ilk. I'm very excited to finally have these things around again. Stop by and check out what we have to offer.


Captain Bob said...

Those are some sweet cranks! It bet the ss would also make a great 2x something. I could use these for my next build which might be a geared bike. We'll see.

Ben said...

They are a really good looking set of cranks. You and Mark will have to stop on your way to the Fargo ride again. You are coming no?