Thursday, May 13, 2010

Further shop changes underway.

On top of all of the standard springtime repairs and sales, we are in the middle of some pretty huge transitions here at the shop. While a bit frustrating in the short term, these changes will make a very noticeable difference in the appearance and function of the shop and sales floor.

The change that started this all off was our springtime construction of the new changing room. This is in anticipation of bringing in a stocking of standard bike clothing. We have been sorely lacking in the clothing department. It's a big step toward becoming what I consider to be a real bike shop. We have a plan in place for how and where the clothing will be displayed and retailed, but we need to have a new front checkout counter made first.

Our counter area has been a constantly evolving miss mash of bits of older counters thrown together with construction adhesive and wood screws. While it is functional in it's task, it's no beauty queen, and it will not work in the new position across the shop. The new counter will be slightly thinner and curved. The back of it will face out and will be parallel to the south wall of the shop. It will be in about the same position as the couch now.

This opens up the back corner adjacent to the changing room. After some minor finishing, the walls will be fitted with slat wall compatible grid racks. So, clothing will be next to the changing room. Huh, that makes sense.

Along with the counter swap to the other wall, the accessories will all be relocated to that wall on grid wall as well. This will not only condense the amount of space they take up, but it will look much more professional and be easier to shop as well. The couch and coffee table will make the move across the room as well. So basically the accessory portion of the floor will be flipped from it's current configuration.

By doing that this also allows for about 12' of free wall space. This is a huge amount of room in a smaller shop like ours. I have not quite decided what should fill the gap, but it will likely be some form of bike storage.

I'm really excited about these changes. The rate at which things are happening here is getting progressively faster. All of these changes will be occurring along with normal shop work, so the next month will bring changes almost all the time. These are all necessary changes that will allow us to serve our community better, and hopefully increase our sales.

The running joke, and theme of this year's projects is "Small steps towards legitimacy." One of these days we'll have a real bike shop. Stop in and see the changes for yourself.


blackmountaincycles said...

Ben, you already are a real bike shop.

Guitar Ted said...

I agree with Mike. It's the people that make a bike shop real.

Both you and Mike should be proud of what your shops represent and how you do business.


Ben said...

Thanks guys. I have to say it will be nice not to have to send customers to other shops to buy clothing though. Things like that are pretty big I think. Those are milestones of where we are compared to were we are going. It's just fun to see the shop finally coming together as I'd envisioned it.