Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We're alive!

So it's been a while. Spring is officially here. We have been inundated with repair work and sales at the shop in the last few week. It's the kind of problem a guy in my line of work wants. It does, however, mean that certain things like riding one's bike and keeping the blog updated have been falling by the wayside. Last week Friday I started to work on the bike riding, this week I'm starting in on the blog again.

As a spring update, we plan to start our Tuesday night MTB group rides and Wednesday night socials next week. The trails are in really good shape in Faribault for riding. All abilities of riders are welcome, we will ride at whatever pace people who show up want to ride at. Feel free to come if you are new to the sport as well. Riding with experianced people is the best way to learn techniques to make you a better rider. We usually meet in the back of the shop at 6 pm or so, and we leave the shop at 6:30pm. Rides are usually 1-2 hours depending on rider ability level and time frame. Refreshments of some sort to follow the rides.

The first Wednesday night social of the year is also next week. I'm not sure of the menu yet, but it'll be something good for sure. Stop on down and catch up with people you may not have seen in a while. Bring something to pass if you wish, whether it be food of beverage. The pinball machine has sat idle too long, it's looking forward to a workout.

Take care all, see you soon.


Myrna CG Mibus said...

Ben, do you host any road biking group rides? I'm fairly new to road biking and would love to have some people to ride with. I think Mike's has a group ride on Saturday morning but I'm still riding at a fairly slow pace, about 12 mph avg at this point, so I think they will be way too fast for me. Thanks. I really enjoy your blog, by the way.

Ben said...


We do not host road rides from the shop. There is a very active cycling club in Faribault called the Faribault Flyers. They have numerous rides through the week for every riding level and riding type. Email me if you'd like their contact info. They are on the whole an exceedingly nice and welcoming group. They would be glad to have you I'm sure. Thanks for reading.