Thursday, April 15, 2010

Road wheels

Teaser wheel shots for a new project.

White Industries hubs. Just a beautiful example of functional, durable, elegantly designed, American made bike components.

Big tires on nicely supportive rims.


Erik said...

Nice pic of those hubs! Those things are great looking. Hed C2, Conti GP4, all that's missing is a box of CX-Ray spokes, and you'd have it wrapped! That is going to be an amazing set of rollers for banging on "real" MN roads. Some guys have all the luck..

Ben said...

I'm using Revolution spokes and brass nipples on this build. I didn't see the need to go aero spoke considering the bike will wear fenders, but these are as light as CX rays. I'll use Competition spokes drive side rear, as I'm not small and want these to be durable enough for road sojourning. Brass nipples as this bike will be ridden in rain and mud, and I hate how alloy nips corrode. Should be plenty light, decently stiff, and they'll be smooth like butter.