Tuesday, April 13, 2010

MTB Tuesday

Tonight will be the first shop MTB ride in River Bend for the year. The trails are nice and dry, though they may be a bit tacky from last night's small amount of rain. The trees are just starting to bud out, and the temp should be nice and cool. We meet at the shop at 6 pm, and leave the shop at 6:30. All rider levels are welcome. See you tonight!


Anonymous said...

are the trails basically double track or is there some singletrack as well?

Ben said...

It is about half and half. There is a nice single track section into the preserve. From there, you ride double track out to the far side of the park to a more technical section of hilly single track. Coming back through the park is again largely double track. On the way out you can take a few different single track trails back to the shop. On the whole, for where we are, they are some pretty great trails. There is also a small county park that can easily be incorporated into the ride that is exceedingly technical, albeit not very flowing single track.

We will be riding again on Tuesday, stop on down and I'll show you around.