Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Finally riding.

With repairs and construction finally getting under control at the shop, we've finally been able to ride. Last night was a great ride through River Bend. The temperature was almost perfect. The trails were just tacky from the previous night's rain. We only had a small group for the ride, but the company was stellar.

We rode a ten mile loop or so. Leaving the shop a bit later at 7 pm, we had a little over an hour before it started getting dark. The river washed up a ton of dead fall branches and rather large trees. It's a virtual playground for bike stunts waiting to happen. This is along the river on an unused side of a city park, so as long as stuff is well done I don't think anyone will mind. It's holds a real possibility for fun stuff to happen. More on that later.

Shop wise we roughed in our food cabinets/counter area. It's no secret that Curtis and I spend a lot of time down here. Over the years a guy gets really sick of eating Subway sandwiches, not to mention paying for that stuff adds up really quick. We have been steadily moving towards making our own food down here. Whether it's simply microwaved soup in bread bowls, or full on grilling extravaganzas it had become abundantly clear that we needed a space in the shop specifically for food and utensil storage and preparation. This is all taken up a notch when you consider the start of the Wednesday Night Socials and other goings on. Here's a sneak peak of what's happening in this area. It's a work in progress, and it still has a long ways to go. The functional pieces are in place save for the wash/prep sink, which may take some doing. The big thing is that now all of our food related stuff is located in one previously unused corner of the shop. It's a huge step in the right direction.

As the Potts in the foreground suggests, I have actually gotten a chance to start riding it. I have to say that I am impressed. I expected nothing less than near perfection, and it is certainly getting close. The bike feels exceedingly well weighted. Turning inputs in particular are very intuitive and light. It feels as though the bike just floats through the corners of it's own accord. I need to do some final fit and component tweaking, but this bike's a winner for sure. Unlike some other Ti bikes I've ridden this one feels very solid under power as well. I'm no phenom, but I can usually tell if a bb is flexing or not. This one doesn't. It does feel very smooth as Ti should. I love it.

As reported by many others before me, the Potts Type 2 fork is truly something to be experienced. Especially with the 135mm front, it tracks very precisely. I can't say that I even notice it flexing like some carbon or ti forks I've owned, but it is amazingly smooth. Many steel forks I've ridden exhibit some type of a wind up action. That is to say that they have noticeable flex backwards and then a sharpish spring back forwards. This fork does not appear to have any of those tendencies. It's at once solid and stable, yet just plainly comfortable. It is a shame that Steve is no longer producing this specific fork anymore. He is, however, working on a fork of a similar design that he says will ride very close to this one, yet it will cost less and require less time to manufacture. I'm very excited to see what the new version looks like.

Finally, tonight is the first Wednesday Night Social of the season. We will likely be having some really good cheese, crackers, a few veggies and some refreshing beverages. Stop on by after 6 tonight and say hi. We'll be waiting for you. Cheers.


Miles said...

I have a potts type II on a 29er of my own making and I think it's the best tracking most comfortable fork I've ever ridden..

Is steve not making type II's anymore?

if not they are still available from willits i think.

Somewhat poor photo of my 29er here:

Miles said...

I should further refine my above post, the type II is the best tracking most comfortable RIGID fork I have ever ridden...

Ben said...


I totally agree with your statements.

Nice looking bikes by the way. I really like the look of those racks you make as well. Classy.

Steve is no longer tacking orders for Type 2's that I know of. He told me that mine was one of the last he would be producing. He did say that he has a new design in the works to replace it. That was what he was talking about in terms of it being less time consuming and costly to produce, while retaining the same ride characteristics.

Miles said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Thats a bummer to hear about the type II's though they do seem like they would be a ton of work to make.

When he delivered mine he mentioned that he had been talking to sandvik about a ti version. That was a while ago I wonder if anything ever came of it.

Ben said...

I don't know of any talk of a ti version. That would be something to see though.

Hopefully he was talking about a US built, (by him preferably,) redo of the original design.