Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rainy Thursday.

Things are returning to normal at 311 Central. My eye is almost unnoticable already, which I am very glad for. The work Curtis and I have been doing at the shop is progressing at a nice rate, and should be done in the early part of next week. Repairs are steadily coming in, and a few people have been purchasing new bikes. A lot of these have been kids bikes, something with which we struggled for sales last year in. So all good things.

Meg and I are planning on a trip this weekend up to Duluth. It is supposed to be pretty nice, despite what the weather looks like outside right now. I plan on bringing the fendered Fargo, and a bunch of clothing. I should be ready for about anything then. I want to spend some more time in and around the dock area of the harbor, and I plan to go the the Superior ore docks as well. I've not looked around that side of the harbor a lot, so it'll be nice to do some fresh exploring. I may look north for a longer ride up the shore on Saturday or Sunday as well.

All for now, have a great day.

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lsmestad said...

Sounds great Ben, have fun and stay warm out there. Looking forward to this spring. Sunny and 75 here in Monteverde Costa Rica....