Saturday, March 06, 2010

Pug Time

It's been a spring of Pugsleys here at the shop. With the introduction of the Larry tire from Surly, current Pug owners have a new tool to enjoy their bikes year round. A fresh redesign from Surly has made stand over much lower on their bikes, making them more accessible to shorter riders. Following our first real winter in many years we have been getting more interest in Pugs locally than I can ever remember.

This is an example of a new Pug we built for a gentleman from southern MN. This is just about how I will be building my bike later this year. Smartly speced components that will all last a good long time. We are waiting on the Middleburn cranks, so to get him running we've set it up as a 1x9 for the meantime. Really turned out to be a good looking bike! I love the new color. XT and BB7's keepin it real.
Paul Thumbies and SLX/XT ders handle shifting.
Larry goodness keeps the front end on line.
Wanna get in on the action? Most sizes of new Pugs are currently in stock, along with a full supply of wheel building parts and both Larry and Endomorph tires. We also have a used Pug in the shop for sale. This is a bike owned by one of our customers who bought the bike from us several years ago. For many reasons, the bike has been largely unridden. Here's your shot to get a good deal on a near perfect bike, the illusive Purple Pugsley!

The bike is an 18" frame.

$1200 as pictured here. Shipping would be extra. Give me a call, or shoot me an email if you have any questions.That's right, those are custom, handmade purple wooden fenders!!!
170mm spinning Isis Bonty cranks.
Man these are pretty.
20t White freewheel. This can be changed up to a 22t if desired.
There you have it. We like fat bikes. You like fat bikes. Give us a call and get one of these bad boys for yourself. You won't regret it.


MMcG said...

Ben - any thoughts on why Surly doesn't do a slightly longer head tube on the Pugsley (and KM frames for that matter) frames?

That new model is super cool, but it still looks as though you had to use over an inch of headset spacers to get the owner's bars at the right height.



Ben said...

It's primarily a function of their take on appropriate seat tube lengths. They are fairly traditional across the board when it comes to that. With that in mind, to maintain standover height, (which some criticize for being too high anyway,) leads to shorter head tubes. I for one wish they made their headtubes a bit longer and seat tubes shorter on a lot of their bikes. I do understand why they do it though.

It's their way of compromising to fit a wide range of people. This still I one of the main reasons I see some people going custom. That's alway an option, but of course at a higher cost. Surly does an excellent job for the most part.

Don said...

What size is the used purple Pugsley?

Ben said...

It is an 18". I fixed the post. Thanks.

jp said...

1 5/8's, but it is spot on for height. My bike rides just like it is supposed to! Ben did a super job setting "Marge" up. I didn't want to cut the headtube too short, and regret it later. JP

MB said...

Is the purple Pug still available? Are you open on Sunday? What are your hours?

Ben said...

The Pug is still available. We are not open on Sunday, our hours are Tuesday thru Friday, 10-6, Saturday 10-5. Call me at the shop if you have any questions.