Monday, March 08, 2010

Good show.

Here's what happens with a few push ups over winter, a less than excellent quality tool, a rusted in BB, and a 1/2" breaker bar. Time to buy a Craftsman.


James said...

The Giant Iguana Strikes Again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for trying Ben! The ParkTool site says to put the extractor in a big bench vise while torquing on it. At this moment the BB is still soaking in penetrating oil-rust dissolver. next week I'll try it again after tapping on the cup with a peening hammer and then judiciously applying a little heat. I'd like to save it. The frame fits and rides well.


Ben said...


The vise can be used in slip type situations. That was not the case with your bb, where the tool had plenty of easy purchase on the splines. I would buy a metric bolt to use with washers to hold the tool in place. The vise limits your ability to apply torque to the tool, as it will be trying to hold it in a fixed position relative to the frame.

Be very careful with heat after applying oil to the bike. petrochemicals in confined spaces, even in small amounts, with a flame is recipe for bad things.

Anonymous said...

I sawed the bottom off on old stem expander bolt. That's the right thread for the axle. The expander now locks the tool in place.

My first thought was to use my paint stripper heat gun to heat the shell, but the thought of a flame gave me the idea to put a potato plug down the seat tube and see if I could blast that veggie across the street by using my torch. I promise to put my goggles on.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben, I sawed off the bottom end of an old stem expander bolt. That was the right thread to go into the end of the axle. The wedge nut is now what holds the Park splined extractor firmly onto the cup. I was originally plannning to use my paint stripping heat gun to warm up the BB shell in a controlled way.
Your caution about the oil vapors got me to thinking that I could put a potato plug down the open seat tube and then hit the BB shell with my torch and see if I can blast that veggie accross the street. I promise to wear my goggles!